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At Carrie Liu & Company Inc., we offer advisory services for private and publicly held entities.

As strategic minded accountants we listen and address your concerns. We offer you a full range of experience and services. Our knowledge of accounting and seasoned experience in all aspects of business as financial consultants and problem solvers has serviced and helped our clients through the good times as well as bad. We offer an affordable, effective and efficient way of achieving your goals and helping you solve financial problems.

Our services can help your company by offering you financial and business consulting which can address issues such as, budgeting, financial forecasting, fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, sales compensation planning, business management, product profitability analysis, system implementations, accounting, tax issues and a wide variety of other financial and operational matters.

We will help your business achieve its financial goals. We will analyze your current situation and state of affairs and help you develop a plan of action to achieve your goals and objectives and be a problem solver of your financial concerns.