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Carrie Liu


We are providing a full range of financial and tax services. Due to the busy business, we are only accepting new corporate tax customers. Our examples focus on what the masses need and what we do a lot every day. The details of each case are different. Only the basic needs of the guests are listed here, and details and solutions will not be provided. Once you become our corporate client, we will assist corporate shareholders and investors in handling personal and family taxation if required.

Recent Cases - Family Business Tax Audit

Client A and his family own more than 20 Canadian companies. These companies are owned individually or jointly by different members of the family. These companies have been reported by different accountants over the past few years. Companies are established one by one when business needs arise without consulting any professional advice. These companies operate in the fields of construction, real estate agency, investment and high technology. Clients were unaware of the reporting requirements and tax implications of equity design until recently when they encountered an audit. We accept the client's entrustment to deal with the tax bureau audit first. After sorting out the affiliated companies, I checked the declarations of all companies, made changes in the best interests of the guests, and obtained the acceptance of the tax bureau. We accept the entrustment of clients to take over the annual closing, tax planning and reporting of these more than 20 companies. The following is done for these twenty companies. To avoid ambiguity, English is the main language.

  1. Reorganization including Section 85 rollover, amalgamation, estate freeze and setting up a trust, this part was completed with a lawyer;
  2. SRED application ;
  3. T1134 and T106 reporing ;
  4. Preparation of T2;
  5. Review engagement ;
  6. Accountant report ;
  7. Compilation report ;
  8. Bookkeeping service;

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Recent New Customer Cases

The following are the cases of new clients we have accepted in the past few months: 1. Provide financial statement auditing services for multiple clients...