Carrie Liu


We offer a comprehensive range of accounting and tax services. Due to high demand, we currently only accept new corporate clients. The examples provided address common clients’ needs. Each case is unique. Once you become our customer, we will customize the plan based on your specific needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can tailor our services to your requirements.

Case 1: Family business tax audit

Our recent engagement focused on a family-owned portfolio consisting of over 20 companies across various sectors, including construction, real estate, investment and high technology. These companies were initially established without proper consideration of the relationship between companies and shareholders, leading to unexpected tax consequences. Here is an overview of actions we took to address these challenges:

  1. Business reorganization: We executed comprehensive reorganization activities, including section 85 rollovers, amalgamations, estate freezing and trust establishment in collaboration with legal professionals.
  2. SRED assistance: We worked with the client’s external SRED consultant and prepared tax filing;
  3. Tax reporting compliance: We ensured compliance with T1134 and T106 reporting requirements.
  4. Corporate tax returns: We prepared corporate tax returns.
  5. Review Engagement: We prepared review engagement financial statements for one entity to meet bank requirements;
  6. Accountant report: We prepared an Accountant report for one entity to meet BCSFA requirements.
  7. Compilation report: We prepared compilation financial statements for multiple entities.

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Case 2: Estate planning

We have recently onboarded Client B, a new high-net-worth individual referred to us...