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We are providing a full range of financial and tax services. Due to the busy business, we are only accepting new corporate tax customers. Our examples focus on what the masses need and what we do a lot every day. The details of each case are different. Only the basic needs of the guests are listed here, and details and solutions will not be provided. Once you become our corporate client, we will assist corporate shareholders and investors in handling personal and family taxation if required.

Recent Cases – Individual Company Corporate Restructuring and Estate Planning

We have recently onboarded Client B, a new high-net-worth individual referred to us by an existing client. This client possesses substantial assets, including ownership of a company, real estate holdings, and diverse investment portfolios. With retirement on the horizon, the client is undertaking preparations to transition from active business involvement and transfer ownership to the succeeding generation.

In accordance with the client's directives, our role involves orchestrating a comprehensive restructuring and seamless transfer of the business to the intended heir. We have also been entrusted with evaluating the client's will and forecasting the prospective tax liabilities for upcoming tax filings. Our aim is to mitigate potential substantial tax obligations in the future, and thus, we are actively engaged in devising tax optimization strategies. Moreover, we are facilitating the identification and engagement of a suitable legal professional to execute these strategies effectively.

We remain committed to providing extensive support to both the client's company and its stakeholders, consistently ensuring accurate and timely annual tax submissions. Our services encompass:

1. Strategic business reorganization.
2. Tailored estate planning.
3. Facilitation of business purchase and sale transactions.
4. Comprehensive review of wills and related legal considerations.
5. Diligent preparation of corporate tax returns.
6. Thorough preparation of personal tax returns.

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Recent New Customer Cases

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