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We are providing a full range of financial and tax services. Due to the busy business, we are only accepting new corporate tax customers. Our examples focus on what the masses need and what we do a lot every day. The details of each case are different. Only the basic needs of the guests are listed here, and details and solutions will not be provided. Once you become our corporate client, we will assist corporate shareholders and investors in handling personal and family taxation if required.

Recent Cases – Individual Company Corporate Restructuring and Estate Planning

Client B is a new high net worth client introduced by an existing client. The client owns a company, real estate and various investments in his name. Now he is getting old and ready to retire. He wants to plan to sell the business and pass it on to the next generation. According to the client's request, we help him to restructure and transfer the business to the child. At the request of the guest, he reviewed the guest's will, and predicted the tax that the guest will need to pay in the last tax form in the future. In order to avoid the huge tax burden in the future, help the client to carry out tax planning, and help the client to find a suitable lawyer to implement it. We help this client's company and shareholders with annual tax filings. We provide the following services:

1. Business reorganization;
2. Estate planning ;
3. Purchase and sales of a business;
4. Will review and related matters;
5. Corporation tax prepartaion;
6. Personal tax return perparation.

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Recent New Customer Cases

The following are the cases of new clients we have accepted in the past few months: 1. Provide financial statement auditing services for multiple clients...

Recent Cases - Family Business Tax Audit

Client A and his family own more than 20 Canadian companies. These companies are owned individually or jointly by different members of the family...