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Carrie Liu


We are providing a full range of financial and tax services. Due to the busy business, we are only accepting new corporate tax customers. Our examples focus on what the masses need and what we do a lot every day. The details of each case are different. Only the basic needs of the guests are listed here, and details and solutions will not be provided. Once you become our corporate client, we will assist corporate shareholders and investors in handling personal and family taxation if required.

Recent New Customer Cases

Here are some examples of new clients we've accepted over the past few months:

1. Provide financial statement audit services for multiple customers, and customers provide them to banks and other third parties;

2. Complete annual closing and corporate tax declarations for multiple client companies. Discuss planning corporate and personal tax planning with clients;

3. Work with the client's tax lawyer to complete tax planning, and help the client with bookkeeping and tax declaration (including companies, partnerships and trusts) accordingly;

4. Assist clients in buying and selling business, checking legal documents, tax planning and reporting;

5. Provide trust audit for multiple clients;

6. The client has not filed tax returns for many years. After receiving the notification from the tax bureau requiring tax return, he entrusts us to coordinate and communicate with the tax bureau, and complete the declaration within the time limit required by the tax bureau;

7. There is an error in the customer's internal accounting. The client entrusts us to modify it. Complete the tax declaration after confirming that it is correct;

8. Tax consulting services

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Recent Cases - Family Business Tax Audit

Client A and his family own more than 20 Canadian companies. These companies are owned individually or jointly by different members of the family...